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We greatly thank you for your support of the Sahlvation cluster by your donations through our Patreon!  Please enjoy your monthly rewards as our thanks to you for helping us build and grow this community!  Below you will find further information regarding your rewards.

Chibi reward tier list

For those donating in the $10, $25, $50, and $100 tiers on Patreon, you will receive monthly chibi(s) rewards!

The chibis are all marked with these numbers, and will be drawn at random based on the color that corresponds with your tier.  For the $25, $50 and $100 tiers, you have the option to select (1) chibi from any tier below your own if you wish to do so instead of rolling for a random chibi within your tier.

The higher the donator status, the better chance of getting rare and legendary chibis!

Green - $10/mo

Blue - $25/mo

Pink - $50/mo

Purple - $100/mo


Remember! Those in the $25, $50 and $100 tiers have the option to CHOOSE a chibi from any tier below their own if they want a certain chibi from a lower tier.  Otherwise, they will be given a randomly rolled chibi from their tier list.  Please contact a member of staff if you wish to select instead of roll.

Other rewards

For those in the tiers of $25, $50 and $100, you will also receive some extra goodies you may have questions about!  These items include:

Baby Blankie - Fully grows baby dinos and 100% imprints them.







Taming Chocolate - Fills knocked-out dinos torpor bar and removes all of its food.







Delicious Kibble - Tames a dino in one feeding.

Other added benefits include:

Tribe-locked Private voice/text channels in the discord.  This allows you to use the discord to get your whole tribe together!  Plan a raid, complete a boss, the sky is the limit!

VIP status in the discord.  Depending on your tier selection, you will be given special VIP status and name color in the discord so everyone knows how awesome you are for supporting us make Sahlvation the best it can be!  You will either be marked as Silver, Gold, or Elite Patron, which includes the Top Donator special role title in the discord.

For the $100 Platinum Top Donator tier, you will also receive a unique custom in-game chat role, to let everyone know how awesome you are.  Please get with a member of staff to set this up!

If you have any questions regarding your rewards, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff!

The cryobank

The Cryobank is a special place where you can safely store your dinos without fear of anything happening to them!


Enjoy this added protection, with the number of slots dependent on your tier status.

$25/mo - 3 slots in the bank

$50/mo - 6 slots in the bank

$100/mo - 10 slots in the bank

You will be contacted by a member of staff to set up your space in the Sahlvation Cryobank!