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Server rules


Sahlvation rules are subject to change without an announcement, although we will do our best to ensure the changes are communicated clearly to the community. Failure to adhere to the rules can and will result in the removal of structures, tames, items, and your points, or even the banning of your account from the Sahlvation cluster. Action taken is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Sahlvation Team, and the Admins reserve the right to immediately suspend player accounts as they deem fit. We will do our best to give a warning first before taking action, but it depends on the severity of the infraction. While this list isn't exhaustive, it represents a clear guideline for players to adhere to when playing on this cluster. We trust players to use their common sense and their best judgement. If there are any questions, feel free to contact the Sahlvation Team through the ticketing system, not by contacting staff directly.

Please respect the Admins and Moderators of Sahlvation. We are a team of volunteers who have put a lot of time and effort into the community. We do not appreciate any "rule lawyering" with the Staff; respect the decisions made please. You are able to disagree with a decision while still showing respect. * In the event of a problem that requires an admins intervention, admins will go out of their way to respond to you as soon as possible (we try to respond no later than 24 hours, but this is not a definitive response time, we have lives outside the game!). Furthermore, once an admin begins working with you to resolve the problem, don't expect an immediate solution to the problem. Rules below are separated into: • General Rules • Building Rules • PVP Rules • Amnesty Rules.


General Rules


All communication conducted in Global Channels must be spoken in English. This is simply the chosen common ground of communication. This is a US Server. This includes the voice channels. Young adults are welcome to play here, but childish antics and immaturity are not welcome. Arguments and general toxicity directed at another player or tribe in any community channel is not welcome. Admin discretion plays heavily here and violations range from temporary mute to permanent ban. Use private messages if you feel the need to argue with someone. No Discussions or references of Politics, Religion, Ethnicity, or Sexual Orientation/Identity. We’d love to not have to censor, however, we are left with no option but to make these topics permanently off limits. We're here to play, not debate real world topics. This especially means no slurs, slander or references of any kind.

Admins All players are required to follow any and all instructions given to them by an admin. Ignoring instructions will result in harsh consequences, resulting with repeated offenders becoming permanently banned. Do not harass the admins. Do NOT ping Staff unless the server crashes. In the event of a problem that requires an admins intervention, admins will go out of their way to respond to you as soon as possible (we try to respond no later than 24 hours, but this is not a definitive response time, we have lives outside the game!). Furthermore, once an admin begins working with you to resolve the problem, don't expect an immediate solution to the problem.

Further Information: If there is ever an issue and an admin is not online, please collect evidence, such as screenshots or videos to substantiate claims of rule violations. The rules will be strongly enforced without discrimination. As a result the consequences distributed by admins will not only be swift but brutal. It is up to you to ask an admin questions for any confusion or uncertainty you may have. If you screw up, it’s on you, not us. You have been warned. Common punishments include but are not limited to: • 24-72 hour Discord Mute • Permanent Discord Mute • Temp Discord Bans • Permanent Discord Bans

Ark Rules



If there is a suspected issue with someone's builds or tames breaking any of these rules, please input a ticket with proof and coordinates/map so that a Staff member may check on it. If you are found to be in violation of these rules, a member of the Staff will contact you to fix the issue at hand. No clipping or building under the map or mesh. Spam is allowed, as long as it is not causing excessive lag to players.

Artifact and cave drops should be accessible and clear of enemy structures and/or tames. You may not block access to the obelisk terminals nor boss terminals with turrets or unattended aggressive tames.

Do not spam structures at non-base locations, unless in the use of a FOB. The max amount of foundations is 3, including Tek Platforms. No invisible glass structures or vacuum chambers. No blocking of large resource spawns. If you are questioning a location, feel free to ask before building there. No parasaurs on turret mode nor producing gachas should be left on Passive Protect.

No unintended dinos on another map intentionally (ie flyers on Abberation). While we do permit building in rat holes, the opening must be accessible by a player riding a turtle. If the opening is too small, your structures will be removed by an admin. Please contact a member of staff if you're wondering if a location is buildable.


Tames on passive and tames that are not fully grown are NOT to be killed at bases, unless unintentionally due to raid splash damage. If a passive dino has recently been involved in PvP it is allowed to be killed, but it is against the rules to place structures by or to drop aggressive wild dinos on passive tames to remove the passive protection. No loot may be stored on passive protected tames and the loot will be dropped after a bit of time, and passive dinos are not to be used to block structures/access/etc. If you are raiding and a dino is blocking something, be sure to screenshot it as proof. Players may only be detained/caged for 30 minutes. After this time, you must release or kill them. You are not allowed to repeatedly trap players.

A base may not be wiped more than 50% on the first raid, and it is against the rules to wipe a base without giving the tribe a chance to apply for amnesty. If a tribe wishes to wipe a base, they must apply for amnesty for the defender. The defender is able to revoke the amnesty if they wish to do so. If the defender claims damages more than 50%, the attacker must provide before and after evidence. One alliance, solo tribe, or temp alliance can participate in a raid at a time. Swapping a player from one tribe to another to participate in a raid is a punishable offense. Raids against a single tribe cannot be raided multiple times in a row from different entities, and cannot be raided on multiple maps at the same time. A tribe should be allowed 12 hours to apply for amnesty after a raid before they can be raided again.

No Tek Bubble, Tek Platform spamming during raids or raid defenses. A tribe can only raid once per 24 hours, which starts from the end of the previous raid. This includes all members of the tribe whether they participated in the raid or not.

Soaking turrets is typically considered starting a raid. If you begin to soak a base's turrets, you can be subject to raid timers at the Staff's decision. A base is defined as a protected structure with at least 9 foundations or a platform containing at least a total of 5 combined crafting stations and storage boxes. It is advisable, but absolutely not required, to keep up to date screenshots of your base in case there are any disputes over raid damage.(edited)


Structures of a tribe protected by amnesty are not to be raided. Put in your amnesty requests via the ticketing system. Significant base penetration must have occurred to request amnesty. Raid amnesty can be applied for by the defender or attacker. Your raided structure must be considered a base to apply. Check the PvP rules for specifications.

If an attacker is submitting an amnesty request to wipe a base, they must submit the ticket at the end of the raid. If approved, the amnesty will have started at the time of the ticket submission. Raid amnesty is 3 days on the map the raid occurred, with a cooldown of 3 days after the previous amnesty was given. You may not raid while amnesty; however, you may defend your allies. You may not soak turrets while under amnesty. You may decline your amnesty if another tribe applies for it for you. If your tribe applied for amnesty and you wish to end it early, you must wait until after the second day or decline it within the first 12 hours. After the amnesty is over, the tribe that requested to wipe the base may attempt to do so.

Open World PvP is still allowed while a tribe is under amnesty. If a tribe performs actions that are considered a raid while on amnesty, their amnesty will be immediately revoked and they may be subject to disciplinary actions. ALTERNATIVE AMNESTY New tribe amnesty can be requested for up to 3 days. A tribe may also request vacation amnesty for up to 10 days.


Discord rules


The rules on Sahlvation are subject to change without a public notification, although our Staff will try to convey the changes to the community before they're enacted and possibly open it to a Council vote. Failure to abide by the rules can result in the banning of your account from our Discord; our Staff has the right to immediately suspend accounts as they deem fit. For most cases, breaking the rules will first earn a warning before a ban occurs, but the severity of the infraction may result in an immediate ban. Please use your best judgement when speaking in our Discord server; the list is not all-inclusive, but is a clear guide of many of our rules. If you are in doubt, please contact our Staff to ensure there isn't a problem.

Misconduct Interactions with Staff and other players must follow these guidelines on all Sahlvation platforms, including signs and paintings in game. Do not use language that is unlawful, harmful, slanderous, abusive, harrassing, defamatory, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise offensive to others. Please use the correct channel when talking in the Discord. If an admin is needed, a ticket is typically the best way to contact someone. Punishments, while visible, are not open to public discussion. If there is an issue with punishments, have the Tribe Leader open a ticket to discuss it with staff. No spamming of the chat or intentionally causing the screen to scroll faster than necessary. Messages should not be excessively long. We do not allow promoting or advertising for other Ark servers, unofficial or official. No doxxing of others or posting their personal information without their explicit consent. Keep NSFW talk in the NSFW channels. Posting inappropriate videos, images, audio, or links can result in the removal of the post and possibly the muting of your account. To talk in-game on Discord, you will need to link your Discord while playing on our server. Use /discord and follow the prompts. This server also adheres to the Discord Community Guidelines.

Sahlvation Naming Guidelines We do not allow names that are indecent or offensive. If our Staff finds your name to be offensive, we may change the name ourselves or ask you to do so. Names may not contain any harmful language.

Players may not pretend to be someone else, including attempting to impersonate Staff, other tribes, or community members.